Class Descriptions

Vinyasa Flow into Yin

This practice is the union of active Vinyasa flow, with grounding and meditative Yin postures. Vinyasa is translated from Sanskrit to mean "connection", which can be understood as the connection of dynamic movement with conscious breath. 

The beginning of class will involve a pranayama (breath-work) practice, followed by an intuitive, and strength-building Vinyasa sequence. This portion of the practice reminds us of the temporary nature of life. 

The remainder of class will incorporate Yin postures that aim to target the deep connective tissues. The main principles of Yin yoga are:

 1. Come into the pose at an appropriate depth

2. Resolve to remain still

3. Hold the pose for time

Pose modifications are always offered. All are welcome in this class, from beginners to advanced practitioners. I look forward to seeing you in class!

- Namaste -